Common Eider duck

Remembering days on the tiny Ertholmene islands in the Baltic sea, looking at eider ducks, the largest kind of duck in the Northern Hemisphere.

The mysterious Eel

For many, many years nobody really knew where the eel went to breed, and we still do not know much about this strange, elusive fish, not much else than it is one of the most endangered species of fish

End of the day walk

Woman heading home after another day at the office ( Street sketch) Watercolor of an elderly lady walking with food bag Watercolor and text by Frits Ahlefeldt In the afternoon there is a change of people on the streets around mid-afternoon the office workers start again to be in the streets. Setting the course for... Continue Reading →

Grandmother waiting

The toddler turned around again, looking, trying to make sense of what I was doing with the brushes and paper... and the grandmother just waited, knowing it could take a while

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